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Hi, I’m Rebecca! I share my deep, intimate thoughts and feelings in a personal blog read by thousands of people (gulp). Mostly I write about my experiences with money, men, sex, and death. I also write about my experience leaving the sex industry, after working as a luxury companion for 12 years and an Onlyfans model for 2 years. Readers tell me my writing is raw, brave, and thought-provoking, but I'm eager to hear what you think!If you're curious to step into my world and get to know me better, you’re welcome to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter.

Listening Service

I started offering a professional "listening service" in May of 2022. It's sort of like therapy, but a bit different.You can think of it like talking to an empathetic outsider/bystander who’s got your back and is invested in your success and healing (whatever that looks like for you). It could be mostly just me listening, if that’s what you’re looking for, or there could be more guidance. I’ll use my judgment and play it by ear.A bit about my background and how I work: I worked as a companion for 12 years. In that time, most of what I did was talk to people. I found I had a knack for helping people feel safe and providing a space for them to open up to me. It was my favourite part of the job, and something I wished I could have done more of.When I left that work, I went back to school to study counselling. It seemed like a natural fit. I worked as a therapist for two years, but working in this field during the beginning and height of the pandemic took quite a toll on me, so I took some time off from my career.Full disclosure: I loved my work, but I was working primarily with people struggling with homelessness, domestic violence, and severe substance abuse. In the end, I realized that type of work was more challenging than I was willing to take on, which is why I took a step back.I’m currently exploring new ways to get back into the helping field in a counselling or coaching capacity. For now, I’m putting it out there that I’m available to talk. I will bring my counselling skills to the table, but I am not offering actual counselling. This service is a bit more casual.Most people contact me when they're feeling stuck and aren't sure what to do next. Often, they've been bottling up their feelings because they don't have anyone appropriate to share them with. Most people contact me to discuss delicate matters like cheating, affairs, relationship difficulties, and confusing situations with sex workers.There's something crushing about the feeling that you've got to stuff down your emotions and keep your thoughts and struggles to yourself. My intention is to provide a safe environment where you can share as much or as little as you want to.I provide a space where you can get everything off your chest, hear an outside perspective, and gain clarity on where you want to go from here.My clients regularly tell me that they experience "immense relief" after speaking with me.I’ve been charging 400 USD per session (1 hour) for this service. For something more in depth, I offer packages of 3 sessions for 1,000 and a package of ten sessions for 3,000.I do offer a sliding scale rate if the fee is an issue. Please don't hesitate to inquire.Typically, I offer sessions over zoom, but we could do an audio call or talk over email if that feels more comfortable for you.If you think my service could be a good fit for you, please reach out ! I’d love to be of service. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I'm here for you.RebeccaMadisonWriting @ Gmail


RebeccaMadisonWriting @ Gmail